A Workplace to Integrate Your Work into Your Life


If it’s about your Business Life against your Private Life, in the broadest sense, You just landed on the right page!


Integration of your business effort into relaxation in private contributes to:



Gain More with Less Work - Your advantage if you know to prevent stress


Control your Own Time - Job satisfaction contributes to motivation, for you and your team and increases your success


Receive free time back! - When you save time and energy, you increase the quality of life

When you suffer from:

  • On holiday I’m still busy with my company and check email regularly, etc. While I trust my employees, I’ll still be responsible if something happens
  • In the evening, I sometimes miss a private appointment because I am still busy working on a presentation or preparing proposals and making invoices
  • It’s becoming increasingly common for me to cancel my private appointments. I would like more time for my private life but unfortunately
  • My employees go home on time. Finally, I can finish my job. In the evening I often have to finish work, and there is less time for my private life
  • I do not know exactly where I want to go in my work or life
  • I miss that extra effort to achieve my goals

Then you may decide:

  • To discover it all by yourself
  • To read as many books as possible about the topics
  • To talk and discuss with friends and colleagues
Fine if you have enough time, perhaps you will achieve what you wish.

Or you decide to get as much in return in a little time as possible

Then please continue reading, I will get in touch. Read my story here.

Welfare Travel brings….

aspiring, anticipating entrepreneurs with ONE purpose together, to improve your work/life.
To be in a beautiful workplace will broaden your scope, inspire new ideas with like-minded and it gives you energy. It helps you to achieve more in less time, so you will never have the feeling you have to work for your living.

You will Learn/Work/Enjoy:

  • Achieve more insight into your Life- and Business Goals
  • Have a new detailed plan for your business and yourself
  • Drive your dreams rather than enumerating financial goals
  • Remain financially healthy in your personal and business life
  • Save money by having the appropriate judgments with no more inappropriate risk-taking
  • Identify targeted life issues and let them grow holistically
  • How unexamined beliefs disrupt in taking decisions

Welcome to Your Workplace

Travel and experience

is thé ultimate opportunity for self-reflection. Taking a trip and stepping out of the everyday hassle is the most effective way to find the answers you seek. Only then, will you have all the time you need for your personal & business investigation. You will also be able to enjoy what you have and what suits you best.

Are you ready to learn and work beside like-minded, ambitious and inspiring entrepreneurs in this beautiful place?
Watch the video, and Enquire now
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This workplace brings you to accelerate with like-minded people who have the same aim.

Of course, it’s obvious you have your own private room, fast internet, service staff, good food and most of all a lot of fun towards a vibrant private life.

Joining this 5-day program, starting Sunday (evening) ending Friday noon.
Get inspired by dinner-table, breakfast and informal talks,  indulge amazing food, share stories and discuss new ideas. There will be time off for adventure, exploring the area, sightseeing….

Details about the program can be found here

Get Access To Workshops With Like-Minded People And Learn To Improve Yourself​


Grow your network with other participants, creating friendships and possibly sparring partners for life!

To help and to learn from each other to improve your work/life balance


What moves Roel

Roel Your Guide

The meaning of ’Roaming the World’ can be found in every aspect of my personal life. In Maritime, KNMI, astronomy, travel. All components that have fascinated me to expand my understanding of others. I am a registered life planner for Switserland at the Kinder Institute.

The ’why’ question is typical of the work that fascinates me and brings people into action.

Futuristic, maximizer, ideation, sympathetic, Messenger, Protector are some features that characterize my activities in recent years. From these respective roles, I bring you far beyond boundaries, your limited beliefs, and other challenges.
I teach you the art to bring dynamism into your company, from within your own mind.
My unique approach teaches you that “booking results and quality of life” can be combined.
I teach you leadership that brings you back to your natural strength …

… realizing that YOU have all the answers to the questions which occupy your mind. These answers are waiting to be revealed. When taking on an essential task of aligning your inner compass, a helping hand is surely welcome.

People can make their lives more meaningful by seeking to act their core values what is truly important.

Helping people to make a clear work/life plan. Through the facilitation of this Working Place for those who want to experience in freedom what really matters. Money is a means and a meaningful life a purpose. The basis for balanced living is to look at all aspects of life. 

What Others say about Roel

” This Process has created a lot of peace for our family. Clarity about the path I want to walk in and to know what my goals and my objectives are. After 19 years working for an employer, I wanted more out of life than just to be lived. To get started with Life Planning I could set my own future and have chosen to be an entrepreneur. Now, just four months working for myself; revenues are just enough for getting to make ends meet, but the feeling of freedom is priceless to me. I have a challenge, I’m alive again. Thanks, Roel ”
Enrico Nieuwenhuis
Visual Artist
” Roel has managed my personal finances since I first came to Holland 16 years ago. From tax to mortgage to investments, he has advised me comprehensively and took care of all tasks in a timely manner. In his current role as a Lifestyle coach, he has added a new dimension to his portfolio. The combination of his knowledge of the world of finance applied to helping clients work towards fulfilling their personal goals and dreams is a good one, and I wish him the best of luck with his new venture. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value"
Johanna McLaverty
Project Manager
” It is highly advisable to reflect on your own wishes and dreams. What are your visions of the future and how you will achieve these. The entire process will give you insight into your own motives and what you like in life. It teaches you there as well to indicate the priority it needs, so it’s even to be realized within a very short time. It is also good to examine your current financial situation so you can see whether you are on track. Especially in the current time an independent person is needed to get everything clear “
Bob van Hek
” Roel van Hoof is a highly reliable, creative and professional coach. Roel distinguishes issues in a personalized, comprehensive and sustainable manner. From his solution-oriented approach (out-of-the-box thinking), he has been very successful in managing all kinds of change. His stimulating – rested on cooperation – way of coaching ensures recognition among customers, providing unique solutions naturally accepted/be adopted by stakeholders. Roel has the ability to guide both individual issues, as well as complex integrated projects. "
Arold Kanen
Business Develp. Manager
Saal Saphir 3000

Program Details


Arrival – Sunday – Welcome and acquaintance

Day 1 – Monday – Exploration of life and business desires

Day 2 – Tuesday – Development of life vision

Day 3 – Wednesday – Removing the obstacles

Day 4 – Thursday – The consequences in a row

Day 5 – Friday – Plan, and action points to complete

General Agenda

  • Morning – 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • Working Lunch
  • Afternoon – 2:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • Dinner
  • Evening – 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm


  • Sunday Dinner –  Evening – Introductions – Paint your Picture – Mutual Expectations of upcoming sessions
  • Monday Morning – Personal Torch Classifications –  Afternoon – Game-changing, Hearts Core – Evening – Motives, passions, and talents
  • Tuesday Morning – Goals for Life – Afternoon – Adventure & Free Time –Evening – Working on Questionnaire
  • Wednesday Morning – Obstacles disturbing your lifegoals – Afternoon – Items coming up and how to solve them –  Evening – Free time, working on your own
  • Thursday Morning – Strategy and pathway – Afternoon – How time and resources can best be matched –  Evening – Farewell activity
  • Friday Morning – Action plan, review – Afternoon – Time for Takeoff

Extensive work will be done on accessing deeply-held personal goals and aspirations for a life worth living

Dates Workplace

The dates are flexible and depend on the number of participants.
With an inventory, we look for the most suitable date.
With less than 6 participants, it is examined whether the date is appropriate.

Location Workplace 

We are working in several locations. From exotic Workplaces to luxury,
Workplaces in a city, a Workplace on a cruise, adventure, snow etc.

Something for everyone.
Your wish is my concern to realize beautiful Workplaces!

Participants Workplace

Up to 8 people per group, so be quick to participate.
With more than 8 participants a second trainee will assist me.
If the total group is Dutch speaking, it will be in Dutch language.
Otherwise it will be English spoken. 

An even number of participants is preferred, as we are working
together and in dyads.
Partnering with another participant. Participants switch roles back and forth,
with each acting as both client and coach to understand the core life values
and goals from a different point of view.

Costs Workplace

The costs depend on the number of participants.
The costs also depend on the location.
The costs vary from euro 2,000 to euro 4,000 ex VAT.

With less than 6 participants, it is examined whether the
participation costs are acceptable.

Deposit: €1,000

(*excluding flights)

(* Entrepreneurs and self-employed entrepreneurs can include the costs as entrepreneur costs.
For the employer, the Workplace is deductible as a business expense for his employee.
This information is not legally binding. Always inquire with your tax advisor.)

Residence Workplace

I believe that every accommodation must meet a standard luxury;
private room, private bathroom, recreation possibilities,
good food, sitting areas to meet/discuss and to make
your homework during training hours.is necessary
because you are outside your comfort zone
and you need to feel at ease during this intensive week.

Not every accommodation has the same facilities, 
this is related to the location, the environment and the type of Workplace.
Whenever possible your residence will be in an area where you can find
shops, spas, cafes, and restaurants, for your necessary relax-time.

5 Days In Your Workplace Includes:

Travel and Experience

  • Pick up from public transport
  • On arrival time to relax, informal acquittance 
  • Special welcome dinner
  • Incredible surprise experience trip
  • Local Swiss support
  • Wellness oase
  • Drop off at a point of public transport

Accommodation and Food

  • Private room 
  • Private Bathroom 
  • Free WiFi
  • Awesome sauna- and whirlpool
  • 24/7 service
  • Delicious Swiss and Western meals every day
  • Water and other non-alcoholic drinks
Your Guide Roel

I improved my work / private balance, based on several pillars. What are yours?

  • Who is more important; Your customers or your friends?
  • Investing in your business or in yourself?
  • Who’s first? Your company or You?
  • A profitable business or a healthy body?

We often focus differently – “Your view of the world is not thé image of the world” (Alfred Korzybski | 1879-1950)

Contact Information

Have a question, want to meet or just want to leave a message.
I would love to hear from you!
Please use the form or send me an email directly.
If you want me to call you back, please mention your telephone number, I will get in touch.
Read my story here

Roel van Hoof – Sparring Partner
Visiting address by appointment
Tel. +31 640 62 41 98 
Conference call via Skype or Zoom
Mail contact@welfare-travel.com

” Big things often have small beginnings “